The Vidding Is Passion Contest

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Rules                                                             Judging

  • Except for the audition round, the video has to be NEW and made for this contest

  • Length: Min.0:50/Max.3:00

  • Put TVIPC in your videos title

  • In case you need an extension let me know BEFORE the deadline via PM please (LullabyProduction)

  • If you add voiceovers, make sure they are in English

  • Do NOT even think about stealing someone elses videos or clips!

  • NO anime, disney, picture or self-filmed videos
(But you are allowed to work with short-film footage provided on Youtube)

  • There can only be one winner in the end and and there will be way more amazing vidders so please don't take it in a wrong way if you don't pass the next round. Decisions have to be made and we want this to go as peaceful as possible. :)

  • If you still have questions, then please message me at (LullabyProduction)

The judges of this contest are:

Creativity -
Show us what you got. Try to come up with a new idea or something you don't see on every video. Be creative and don't let anything stop you from  imagining the weirdest things and actually doing it in the video. Try to stand out. Be special.
Music -
It's your choice what song you pick and we won't judge on whether we like it or not, but we will check if it goes with the theme and the scenes. Go with the beat, create an atmosphere with your song choice that suits the theme. If you use a lyrical song, make sure it fits as well and that the scenes aren't randomly choosen for it.
Editing -
Now show us your skills. What are you capable of doing? Make your video flow in a good way. Try to make us get hooked by it. Decide if you use effects, or rather keep it simple. Try to avoid large watermarks (like the CW one) and if possible try to crop them out.
Storytelling -
Does your video contain a story, an atmosphere, a theme? Make clear, that everyone understand what the video is supposed to be about.
Emotion -
If you are to represent an emotion, how good is it done? Does it make the viewer feel the emotions? Are the scenes and voiceovers choosen wisely to do so?

We are NOT going to judge by a fandom or the program you use